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Provison of School Catering Services

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Provision of School Catering Services


I wanted to introduce myself.  I have been Head of St Joseph’s College, for 10 years, which is a high performing, outstanding teaching school.  I will remain as Head there whilst being Consultant Head here.

I have experience of supporting other schools in special measures, the most recent example being Thistley Hough Academy, where I worked with the Head and the whole school to support them in their journey out of special measures.

I am prepared to take on this responsibility at Birches Head because I have a deep commitment to the young people of Stoke on Trent and I believe passionately in raising their aspirations and giving all our children every opportunity to achieve their dreams.

I believe that everything we have done and are doing at St Joseph’s College can be replicated here at Birches Head.  I know and understand the challenges facing the school but at the heart of any great school is what happens day in and day out in each and every classroom.  We have to work to ensure that we are providing the very best learning possible.  However, this is not a ‘take over’.  It is a partnership and I know that the staff of St Joseph’s College will learn as much in this partnership as the staff of Birches Head.

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I will be assisted in this role by Lynne Hardcastle who, after retiring from Holden Lane, where she was Head for 10 years, has spent the past 8 years leading school improvement consultancy including schools in special measures.

It is important that we all work together to ensure that the young people of Birches Head have the very best opportunities possible.  You can play your part by ensuring that your son or daughter arrives on time to school, in correct uniform and with all the necessary equipment, ready to work hard and do their best.  At home I would ask you to encourage and support them with their homework and independent learning.  Students need to be encouraged to read more.  Also teachers, through their marking, are giving students areas for development, correction or improvement.  I would ask you to encourage your son or daughter to complete this work.

I am holding an Open Morning on Thursday 16 and Thursday 23 October 2014 from 9.00am until 11.30am.  Please feel free to drop in to meet me.  I would ask that you encourage other families you know who are making decisions about where to send their child next year to come along too.  Parents can be safe in the knowledge that things are improving and will be, even more rapidly, as we go forward.

Please be assured of my commitment to the young people of this school.

Yours sincerely

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Roisin Maguire
Consultant Headteacher